Sunday, October 31, 2010

This week on TCM... (October 31 - November 6)

Sunday, October 31 (Happy Halloween!)
The Tingler (1959) 3:00 PM
House Of Wax (1953) 6:15 PM
House On Haunted Hill (1959) 8:00 PM
The Haunting (1963) 9:30 PM
Poltergeist (1982) 11:30 PM

Monday, November 1 - This is the beginning of TCM's Moguls & Movie Stars documentary series that traces the history of cinematography and Hollywood. This series -- several years in the making -- promises to be completely unique in its scope, and it seems like TCM's evening schedule is meant to complement the documentary's content.
Moguls & Movie Stars, A History Of Hollywood: Peepshow Pioneers 8:00 PM (reshown at 11:00 PM and several times throughout the week)
The Films Of Thomas Edison (1893) 9:00 PM
D.W. Griffith With Biograph (1909) 12:05 AM
The Films of Georges Melies (1896) 2:10 AM

Wednesday, November 3
Nickelodeon (1976) 11:15 PM
When Comedy Was King (1959) 1:15 AM 'A compilation of funny moments from top comedians of the silent era'

Thursday, November 4
Alfie (1966) 11:30 AM - What's it all about, Alfie?
The Killers (1946) 8:00 PM - Beginning of the Ava Gardner month
Show Boat (1951) 12:15 AM

Friday, November 5
The Most Dangerous Game (1932) 2:30 PM
Foreign Correspondent (1940) 3:45 PM
The Palm Beach Story (1942) 6:00 PM

Saturday, November 6
Remember? (1939) 9:00 AM - This one sounds kind of intriguing.
Dial M For Murder (1954) 6:00 PM
Mutiny On The Bounty (1962) 8:00 PM - I can't actually recommend this beyond the fact that Marlon Brando is in it.

On a side note, I'm really enjoying the two new auction shows, Auction Kings (Tuesdays on Discovery) and Hollywood Treasure (Wednesdays on Syfy) [anytime on Hulu]. Both shows are absorbing and feature a wide range of interesting pop culture and historical collectibles. Both shows might be interesting to fans of Antiques Roadshow. The best part is, neither show has irritating personalities that detract from the curiosities and memorabilia (unlike, say, Pawn Stars and American Pickers). Also, now I want to work in an auction house.

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