Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week on... TCM (October 24-30)

Sunday, October 24
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) 12:00 PM - Really worth watching
The Pleasure Seekers (1964) 8:00 PM
Nosferatu (1922) 12:00 AM
Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey (1932) 2:00 AM
The Return Of The Vampire (1944) 3:30 AM

Monday, October 25
Summertime (1955) 8:15 AM - Once again, this is a lovely Katharine Hepburn movie
Hollywood Hotel (1937) 1:15 AM - 'Hooray For Hollywood'!
42nd Street (1933) 3:15 AM - One of the best musicals ever! Now opening in Philadelphia, P.U. Too bad this is on so late.

Tuesday, October 26
There Goes My Heart (1938) 10:15 PM - This is said to be a semi-screwball comedy starring Frederic March.

Wednesday, October 27
Lucky Partners (1940) 11:15 AM - A cute Ginger Rodgers movie with Ronald Colman
Mildred Pierce (1945) 6:00 PM
The Lady Eve (1941) 8:00 PM
Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) 10:00 PM - Tony 'Tony From The Movies' Curtis and Burt Lancaster
Gold Diggers Of 1933 (1933) 1:15 AM - Midweek Busby Berkeley to go with the earlier pair of Berkeley movies
Gold Diggers Of 1935 (1935) 3:00 AM - Not as good as Gold Diggers Of 1933 but THIS one has Berkeley's masterpiece, 'Lullabye of Broadway.'

Thursday, October 28 (theme: Atmospheric Thrillers)
Gold Diggers Of 1937 (1936) 4:45 AM - I've never seen this one!
Dead Of The Night (1945) 8:00 PM
Rebecca (1940) 10:00 PM - I'm reading this right now (well, sort of)!

Friday, October 29 (It's Fright (Day and) Night! + Hammer Horror and a few Bela Lugosi titles)
Doctor X (1932) 6:00 AM - Start your day the right way: with cannibals!
The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) 7:30 AM
The Vampire Bat (1933) 9:00 AM
The Corpse Vanishes (1942) 1:00 PM
The Devil Bat 2:15 PM
White Zombie (1932) 3:30 PM
Curse Of The Demon (1958) 6:00 PM

Saturday, October 30
The Walking Dead (1936) 9:15 AM
13 Ghosts (1960) 1:30 PM
Mr. Sardonicus (1961) 4:30 PM - The face on this guy will stay with you for a long time!
Strait-Jacket (1964) 6:15 PM
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962) 10:15 PM - Really good
Mad Love (1935) 12:45 AM - Peter Lorre!
Cat People (1942) 2:00 AM - I'm a cat person, so I think this is the movie for me!

Elsewhere on the TV dial, I've been enjoying this season of The Big Bang Theory so far, and 30 Rock has been especially good. Mondays through Thursdays have been spent watching the new channel, the Hub, especially Family Ties, The Wonder Years (just as wonderful as I remember it being!), Happy Days, and Laverne & Shirley. On Fridays, I've been tuning in to IFC to watch Todd Margaret and Freaks And Geeks (goes well with The Wonder Years). Then there's Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. Also, Cartoon Network has a new fifteen minute show called MAD based on the classic humor magazine. I've watched a few episodes and, as a former MAD Magazine reader, I can say that it lives up to the high standards of its namesake!

Also, I got to see the film preservation documentary, Keepers Of The Frame again (check the Documentary Film Channel to see when it'll be on next). It was just as stirring the second time around. Another worthwhile documentary I've been watching is Richard Schickel's You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story which is currently airing on PBS' The American Masters. The first episode had me on the edge of my seat! (Note: The American Masters will soon be airing the LENNONYC documentary; don't miss it! The film premieres nationally Monday, November 22 at 9:00 PM on PBS)

I'm excited about a new series that airs on Tuesdays on the Discovery Channel called Auction Kings. Hopefully, it'll be as good as the commercial makes it seem.. I had high hopes for Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but I can't stand the people on the show, so I can't bring myself to watch them again.

IFC will be airing the British mini-series, The Dead Set which is apparently Big Brother UK meets 28 Days Later. It looks pretty gory and it has Davina McCall. It'd be better if it were Celebrity Big Brother and if it starred, say Bez and Pete Doherty, who already look like walking zombies.

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