Saturday, October 16, 2010

This week on... TCM (October 18-23)

There were a few days that I didn't see anything of interest, but some of the other nights are packed with good stuff!

Monday, October 18
The Heiress (1949) 4:00 PM - Again. It's a good movie, though, so if you haven't seen it before, it's worth watching. Montgomery Clift is in it!
Oliver! (1968) 8:00 PM - Food, glorious food!
The Lady From Shanghai (1948) 3:15 AM - Since I loved the last two Orson Welles movies I watched, I'm disappointed this one is on so late!

Wednesday, October 20
Arsenic And Old Lace (1944) 11:45 AM - One of my favorites! It's a perfect autumn night movie (unfortunately, it's on in the morning), and it's great especially for rainy nights. Cary Grant and Peter Lorre.. and.. isn't that Boris Kar.. no, I guess not!

Thursday, October 21 (theme: Hedy Lamarr)
Algiers (1938) 8:00 PM - Come with me to the Casbah! Features the famous character, Pépé le Moko (played by Charles Boyer in this film).
Ecstasy (1933) 4:00 AM - This is, supposedly, a great arthouse movie, though it is probably better known for being the movie in which Hedy Lamarr appears nude.

Friday, October 22 (themes: Constance Bennett and Hammer Horror)
Topper (1937) 11:45 AM - I think this is like Beetlejuice.
Topper Takes A Trip (1939) 1:30 PM - A Topper sequel without Cary Grant.
The Unsuspected (1947) 4:45 PM
It Should Happen To You (1954) 6:30 PM - This Jack Lemmon / Judy Holliday romantic comedy is cute!
X The Unknown (1956) 8:00 PM - Radioactive mud-like creatures!
Five Million Years To Earth (1968) 9:30 PM - A Quartermass film!
These Are The Damned (1963) 11:15 PM - Terrible things usually happen in Oliver Reed movies
Night Of The Lepus (1972) 4:15 AM - About the very real threat of killer rabbits

Saturday, October 23 (theme: Alec Guinness)
To Have And Have Not (1944) 2:00 PM - The first (and best) Bogie and Bacall movie
Kind Hearts And Coronets (1949) 8:00 PM - Alec Guinness plays eight characters in this movie!
The Captain's Paradise (1953) 10:00 PM - Alec Guinness only plays one character in this movie
Last Holiday (1950) 11:45 PM - Alec Guinness.. Queen Latifah, same difference.
The Horse's Mouth (1958) 1:30 AM
The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) 3:15 AM

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