Thursday, April 21, 2011

You'll never get away with it, Lady!

No matter that his Ken doll hair looks like a can of cake icing! X, her man with X-ray Eyes, is clearly nauseated by a smattering of microbes that can't be seen by a normal human's naked eye in this detail from a Listerine advertisement from October 1947 (seen in the newstand favorite Woman's Home Companion). My theory is that his eye balls bulge not at the sight of the creepy crawlies on his lovely partner's shoulder but because of the constriction with which his bowtie has affixed his head to his shoulders. His girlfriend doesn't need Listerine; she needs a new dancing partner!

This would have made a great premise for a film noir: Gloria Grahame is the mysterious and be-cootied Lady With The White Gardenia and William Bendix is her crazy-eyed lover who is driven to murder by his jealousy and overwhelming hypochondria. [Also posted at Flickr with alternate commentary]

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