Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marlon Brando!

I didn't see any Marlon Brando birthday tributes this year (and no block of programming on TCM!), so I thought I would do a pictorial spread of some of my favorite Marlon Brando pictures in celebration of the 87th anniversary of his birth (April 3, 1924). I opted for some of the more amusing or head scratching of my collection rather than the ones that merely showed off his sultry good looks. (Click pictures for slight enlargements)

Marlon Goes Abroad: Packing

Marlon Goes Abroad: International Jet Setter!

Marlon Goes Abroad: PASSPORT!

The Men

Happier days On The Waterfront

A still from Guys And Dolls

Biographers have often delved into the troubled nature of Marlon's private life. They often agreed that he had a monkey on his back.

Or a cat (this was his best girl)!


[All photo copyrights owned by the individual artists.]