Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week on... TCM (May 15 - 21)

We might be experiencing some computing problems at the Belvedere, in which case this might be a last blog post for an undetermined amount of time. If that's so, there won't be updates to this blog, Curly Wurly, or any of my accounts (including Flickr and Twitter). The computing issue remains uncertain, so stay tuned. I just wanted to offer this as a word of explanation if all online content should cease. If there's no update here within a week or two (at least of this nature), you can assume that my computer has not faired well. Only time will tell! Meanwhile, TCM has a few classics lined up for the next week. I recommend checking them out!

Sunday, May 15
The Way We Were (1973) 4:00 PM - Barbra Streisand remembers being in love with Robert Redford. That's a fantastic premise for a movie.
Bringing Up Baby (1938) 6:15 PM - One of my favorite comedies!

Monday, May 16
The Mad Miss Manton (1938) 4:45 PM - Sleuthing slapstick Stanwyck!
Meet Me In Las Vegas (1956) 3:30 AM - 'Meet me in Las Vegas, Vegas! Meet me on the Strip! Don't tell me the lights are shining anywhere but....' hmm, I've got zip. This musical stars the lovely Cyd Charisse! Keep eyes peeled for George Chakiris and Jim Backus.

Friday, May 20
Anatomy Of A Murder (1959) 3:00 PM - A Jimmy Stewart with Cool Blonde double-feature. Dig that cool soundtrack!
Bell, Book, And Candle (1959) 5:45 PM

Saturday, May 21
Valley Of The Kings (1954) 1:30 PM - This one sounds like Indiana Jones with Robert Taylor. Worth checking out maybe.
The Night Of The Hunter (1955) 6:15 PM - I hear you either LOVE or HATE this Robert Mitchum classic
Cat People (1942) 8:00 PM - I'm a cat person
The Curse Of The Cat People (1944) 9:30 PM - Why, the only curse I know of is loving cats too much!

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