Thursday, July 22, 2010

When you wish to contact me...

...I'm staying at the Hotel Belvedere, Room 635*.

What happens in Room 635? Well, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm hoping to make this blog a broader pop culture spectacle than my first blog, Curly Wurly. I know this is a rather superfluous concept, but I'm envisioning Room 635 as a log of various media recommended by your author: movies, television, music, and books or other written stuff that I've recently enjoyed. Also, there will be lists. I suppose you can just file this blog under miscellanea (or mingle-mangle, as some might say). I'm hoping this will be slightly less confining than Curly Wurly, which is not dead despite its lack of new content. Unfortunately for any passersby, this is probably going to be an awkward assortment of stuff that I like or consider notable. Incidentally, I already feel pretty awkward about this blog.

* Incidentally, the blog title references the hotel room of my favorite character from one of my favorite movies (also a wonderful book).

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