Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freaks and Geeks

I've been a dedicated, almost professional, television viewer for 25 years. In fact, some of my finest early memories involve watching television. In the 1980s, before Nick At Nite debuted, spun off into its own channel (TV Land), and sunk to its current incarnation, syndicated television that aired on non-cable wasn't recent pap that had just hit the celebrated one hundred episode mark. Oh no. It was classic television, the likes of which would greatly influence and mold the play-doh minds of future generations: madcap Monkee misadventures, Marcia Brady's sports related injuries, and teeth picking up radio signals on far-off tropical isles. (Incidentally, I will probably post here about television a lot.. because I suspect television is my greatest love in life.)

Modern classics are few and far between. Almost all modern television is uninspired. Arrested Development was one of the finest crafted shows of the past decade. Freaks and Geeks, created by one of my favorite people, the amazing and brilliant and wonderfully dopey Paul Feig, is yet another one of those shows. Freaks and Geeks is sort of like the 'next generation' of The Wonder Years (which actually is my favorite show of all time). I started watching it because I liked James Franco, but then I discovered how incredible the show was. It's hilarious, embarrassing, touching, and completely relatable. Not many shows run the gamut of emotions (really, only The Wonder Years). Not only do we have Paul Feig to thank for Freaks and Geeks (I LOVE PAUL FEIG), but the show can also boast the talent of J. Elvis Weinstein (from Mystery Science Theater 3000!!!)!

Currently, Freaks and Geeks is airing on IFC on Fridays at 11 pm (EST). Check your local listings for channel numbers, actual times, and reairings on other nights (they reair every episode at least twice). WATCH!

[First photo: The Geeks are more to the left and the Freaks are more to the right. Which one's your favorite?

Second photo: Paul Feig as Mr. Pool, the science teacher on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch -- which, oddly enough, besides boasting Feig as an actor, also had two MST3kers on staff: Frank Conniff and Joel Hodgson (credited as 'magic consultant,' which might be the best job ever)!]

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